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Welcome! to Lifestyle of Learning—a ministry to families bringing a healthy new face and focus to home education.


  • Equipping Christian parents to build their family's education from a vital relational base, thus liberating the family to reconcile education to their Christian faith.
  • Teaching Lifestyle of Learning principles of self-government for the home-centered education of the family, influencing parents with an ideal of whole-life education that addresses every vital area of life, and trains the whole family in both individual scholarship and individual discipleship.
  • Preaching the uncompromised Gospel of Reconciliation through the cross and grace of Jesus Christ.

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Jim and Marilyn Howshall

I (Marilyn Howshall) am the author of Wisdom’s Way of Learning, (published in 1994) and the developer of the Lifestyle of Learning Approach to home education (1990-1994). The principles of the Lifestyle of Learning message spring from Scriptural truths that are rooted in reality, and promise life to reconciled believers who receive wisdom directly from the Holy Spirit for how to apply them.

Up through 2004, I wrote many books, journals, and articles that supplement the Lifestyle of Learning Message. Throughout the years, I conducted a number of women’s retreats, 2-day Lifestyle of Learning Conferences for parents and children with my husband, and I was an invited featured speaker at several state conventions around the country. My desire was to minister to parents who wanted a more relaxed learning process that suited a home-centered environment, but still produce the fruit of not only educated children, but discipled families as well.

In 2005, I entered a season of recovering from severe health challenges that began in 2001 and progressively robbed me of ability to continue my work.

In October 2008, and with renewed vision and direction, I began to form, along with a few dear co-laborers, the Empowering Influential Parenting ebooks, seminars, conferences and Making Heart-Level Connections coaching programs.

In November 2009, I began to reach out to the public once again through Facebook to stimulate interest toward the Gospel of Reconciliation—teaching parents what it takes to become truly reconciled with God at the heart-level, and in turn to develop heart-level influence with their children, promoting true discipleship to the glory of God.

My husband, Jim, and I have four adult children, 2 sons-in-love, a daughter-in-love, and two precious grandchildren. Although we home educated Kathryn and John almost “from the beginning”, we believe our primary accomplishments are the deep heart-bonds and influence God gave us with them, and later with our adopted daughter, Jennifer (my niece), who joined our family at the age of fifteen.

I continue to be so deeply grateful for the Lord’s work in my life and family.

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[posted 11/10/09]

Tim and Barbie Poling

I (Barbie Poling) have been privileged to be closely and personally ministered to by Marilyn Howshall. I first was introduced to Marilyn’s books, Wisdom’s Way of Learning in 2004 by a homeschooling friend. I quickly recognized the truth of Marilyn’s writings about learning and true education and I changed several things about the way I home educated at that time.

In the summer of 2005 to my surprise and delight, I learned Marilyn actually lived quite close to me, and she was going to hold some meetings at her house. I began to attend those meetings regularly. In 2006, Marilyn began to minister more personally to myself and my family beginning with many miracles concerning my mom who lived with us and had advanced alzheimer's disease. Our story of miracles can be found in the ebook with interview audios Remembering Ellen.

I have learned so much from Marilyn and from the Lord, and my family has been totally and radically changed from the inside-out. I’m blessed to get to help Marilyn in the ministry and business of Lifestyle of Learning™ as I continue to learn and change and grow.

My husband Tim and I have five children currently ranging in age 15-23 yrs old. We live in Bonney Lake, Washington. We’ve home educated from the beginning, but we were not producing the fruit we had hoped for until learning the truths of the Lifestyle of Learning™ message. I continue to be so blessed by Jesus’ rescue of our family from what we were and what we were becoming. Thank You Lord!