Our Mission

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"Families Celebrating Life and Learning with Spirit-led Vision and Liberty"
~ 2 Corinthians 3:17

Welcome! to Lifestyle of Learning—a ministry to families bringing a healthy new face and focus to home education.

WE BELIEVE GOD ordained the family to be the best place for the vital functions of education to take place.

WE BELIEVE TRUE EDUCATION is accomplished relationally at the heart level, and is directly linked to the fruit of homeschooling efforts.

WE BELIEVE GOD has the plan for how to reconcile this vital area of life to a relational function that will empower the family in a whole-life approach to education.

The principles of the Lifestyle of Learning Approach to home education are rooted in the principles of the Gospel of Reconciliation.

OUR MISSION—Empowering the family for whole-life education.


  • Equipping Christian parents to build their family's education from a vital relational base, thus liberating the family to reconcile education to their Christian faith.
  • Teaching Lifestyle of Learning principles of self-government for the home-centered education of the family, influencing parents with an ideal of whole-life education that addresses every vital area of life, and trains the whole family in both individual scholarship and individual discipleship.
  • Preaching the uncompromised Gospel of Reconciliation through the cross and grace of Jesus Christ.

We know you'll find the messages challenging, inspiring and encouraging as well, and pray the Lord will lead you by His Spirit in His way for your family. We look forward to hearing from you.

—Jim and Marilyn Howshall and Lifestyle of Faith Community Church