My Journey in Search for the Way with Audios

Marilyn Howshall


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My Journey in Search for the Way

by Marilyn Howshall

This book contains the personal account of Marilyn’s homeschool journey. It is a testimony of the grace of God and His faithfulness to perform His promises when a heart and life are submitted to Him. Each of the chapter titles and accompanying Scripture passages represent the seasons God lovingly brought her through. Chapter titles are as follows:

  1. Wilderness Wanderings
    • leaving Egypt—a life-changing decision
    • the dry desert of curriculum
    • wilderness manna—my education begins
  2. A Roadway in the Wilderness
    • streams in the wilderness; rivers in
      the desert—curriculum written from personal
  3. A Door of Hope in the Wilderness
    • grumblings in the wilderness—false
      security exposed
    • on the mountaintop—out of bondage into liberty
  4. The Promised Land
    • from wilderness cocoon to promised land
      transformation—homeschooling and me
    • the Lord’s yoke

Marilyn’s journey began with a groping wandering in many directions until she found the path or ‘roadway in the wilderness’ on which the Lord wanted her to continue her journey. The landscape changed many times throughout her wilderness search and the adventures along the way were many and varied. However, each played a part in God’s plan to bring her into her ‘promised land.’ In the midst, He was faithful to show her a ‘door of hope’ through which she would enter more fully into His plan for her and her family.

One of the lessons she learned was that He did not want her to be ‘planted’ in the wilderness, but rather each step of obedience would lead her closer to her promised land of righteousness, peace, and joy in her homeschool and family life.

As the message unfolds, you will learn how the Lifestyle of Learning approach developed and the specifics of Marilyn’s own self-education that resulted in her ultimately surrendering all to follow the Lord in her homeschooling endeavors. Many moms will relate with this story.

My Journey in Search for the Way without audio ~ $5.00 


“I had the opportunity this morning to read again Marilyn's book, "My Journey in Search for the Way". It's about how she developed her lifestyle of learning and the Lifestyle of Learning™ message. It is a wonderful inexpensive read for anyone looking into Lifestyle of Learning™ for the first time."
~ Jeri P.

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