Develop a Lifestyle Routine
with Bringing It Home audios

Marilyn Howshall


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Develop a Lifestyle Routine with Bringing It Home audios

set contains
1 eBook—Develop a Lifestyle Routine
2 Audios with Transcripts—Bringing It Home

You may find this book surprising in that while it gives a lot of practical advice for developing routine, it really has as its goal an emphasis on character formation, using real life as the stage for your children’s character training. When we engage with our children in daily activities, the training of their character can become our focus in our relationship with them.

With practical charts and suggestions, Marilyn helps you to develop a flexible daily schedule that is compatible with real life using distinctive blocks of time for all important activities and responsibilities, while still maintaining the flexible time needed for the important character training and the development of academic skills. She presents wise guiding principles for each of the six time-blocks that are uniquely suited for specific child training needs. The six blocks of time she discusses are:

  • Household chore-time and other duties
  • Table-time
  • Family reading-time
  • Productive free-time
  • Paid jobs-time
  • Family work, play, and together-time

This message will also help you to recognize real-life opportunities for learning and emphasizes the importance of bringing your children along-side you in everything you do, modeling wisdom and love all along the way.

In the accompanying "Bringing It Home" audio set, Marilyn interviews three moms about their Lifestyle of Learning™ routine, how they formed it, and how it helps them move toward their vision for their family's education. This interview is a very practical look at the processes of Nancy Blanchard, Michelle Gephart, and Christi Faagau. They each have a different age-set of children and different circumstances from which they developed their routines.

These precious moms provide insight into their particular lifestyle of learning routine, how it is uniquely different from the way they homeschooled before, and what the fruit in their children's education and their family relationships has been since establishing a stronger lifestyle of learning routine.

This interview comes loaded with practical insights, wisdom, and inspiration!

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"I refer to Developing a Lifestyle Routine almost daily these days! It helps me to renew my mind and thoughts so I can stay focused on why and how I am doing what I am doing." ~ Mary B

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