As God Parents You, Parent Your Children

Marilyn Howshall


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As God Parents You, Parent Your Children ebook

The message of this book carries with it a challenge for the homeschool parent to thoughtfully proceed with their homeschooling and child training as though parenting were designed by God just for them to recognize their weaknesses, their character flaws, and their deep need to know the One who gave them life—their Heavenly Father—as reflected in the life of Jesus Christ.

It will challenge you to take inventory of the fruit of your soul, your home environment, and the fruit of your child training as it is reflected in the character and heart conditions of your children. It will lead you to desire the true fruit of living your life for God—the fruit of the Spirit, without which we cannot accurately reflect and model a loving Heavenly Father to our children. With a close, surrendered walk with God, you will be armed with the powerful tools of the fruit of the Spirit and the creative wisdom needed for each unique situation that arises in the course of daily child rearing.

SUGGESTIONS FOR IMPLEMENTING A LIFESTYLE OF LEARNING—For a parent just beginning to implement Lifestyle of Learning principles at home, Marilyn provides wisdom through a structure of seven seasons for how to begin making needed changes in your family's education. Reading this book is especially helpful in season five.

(32 pages)

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“Since applying the principles of Get to Know Your Children, we’ve had a huge amount of wonderful fruit we’re seeing in the relationships between the kids. I’ve seen them begin to verbally validate each other in their interests and build each other up and encourage each other in their progress and their ideas. They are learning how to be specific with their encouragement and showing genuine appreciation for the gifts they receive from each other. If I didn’t know my kids deeply, then I would never be able to identify the heart level character issues that needed to be addressed in each one of them so they could become more like Christ. But now that I do know my kids and I am meeting their real needs by giving them the individualized correction and instruction that they need, my kids are growing in their ability to relate rightly with each other in love and they are becoming the individuals the Lord created them to be. They are feeling validated and that is so exciting for me to see. My kids are discovering who they are at a young age, and they are already moving forward, gaining more momentum in the process of becoming who they were meant to be. That is so exciting to me to see that they won’t have to go through all the wandering I did as an adult when I didn’t know who God created me to be. It’s such a worthwhile investment to get to know your kids. I’ve been so blessed through the process"
~ Christi F.

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