Begin a Metaphor Journey with Your Children

Marilyn Howshall


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Begin a Metaphor Journey with Your Children

This message explains the use of metaphors in the daily spiritual training and instructing needs of your children. It uses real-life testimonies and examples to demonstrate how you can develop your children’s spiritual minds and character on a daily basis, simply using their play, work and delight-directed interests as the springboard to communicate spiritual truths to them in “real-time.”

You will find yourself seeing with new eyes the rich possibilities already present in your home environment for the spiritual training of your children without ever having to open a book or design a lesson plan! Metaphor training during childhood will provide many wonderful memories for your family when you allow God to design the lesson plans for you!

(60 pages)

*This is an ebook*
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“If you haven't gotten this ebook, you should! I really like the message of Begin a Metaphor Journey with your children. Even though God has given me metaphors before, it never occured to me to deliberately teach my children this way using the stuff of real life! I think my 8-year-old son will respond well to this!" ~ Amy G.

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