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Walk by the Spirit in Your Homeschool Decisions

by Marilyn Howshall


Do you wonder why it seems you can’t hear God—that ‘still small voice’ so difficult to discern? Is confusion present in your homeschool decisions? Do you want to allow the Holy Spirit to lead in this area of your life, becoming your closest friend? Do you long to be free from feelings of guilt, condemnation, inadequacy, feelings that you are not doing enough and not being good enough? Many Christians have a difficult time knowing how to hear God or follow the Spirit’s leading for their lives.

Marilyn believes that if we understand God’s ways we will more easily be able to discern His voice. His ways are in opposition to the world’s ways. His way provides the only true security for our homeschool venture. He said... “‘For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,’ says the Lord. ‘For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.’” Isaiah 55:8, 9

This message addresses from various angles the opposing ways of the flesh and the Spirit. A parallel is drawn between educational choices and the Christian’s spiritual condition. It will help prepare your heart for your family’s unique lifestyle of learning. It will lead you to recognize the need to know God more intimately as Father, Jesus as Lord, and the Holy Spirit as Teacher and Guide.

Filled with practical applications and personal homeschool examples to illustrate the principles, this message can be life-changing for those serious about allowing God full access to their decision-making process in the area of education. A Spirit-led path that will produce wonderful fruit of the Spirit awaits all those who seek the Lord.

Quote: “The most important thing mom can do for her children is to grow in an intimate relationship with God. She will need to know how to hear Him, follow Him, yield to Him and trust in His ability and faithfulness to help her build a healthy family foundation and in some cases to reverse the destructive forces that have taken hold in her family. Because of the unique needs of homeschool moms, these messages address common challenges and give mom the encouragement to develop her spiritual life and to renew her mind more fully allowing God to begin a deep work in her heart.”

SUGGESTIONS FOR IMPLEMENTING A LIFESTYLE OF LEARNING—For a parent just beginning to implement Lifestyle of Learning principles at home, Marilyn provides wisdom through a structure of seven seasons for how to begin making needed changes in your family's education. Reading this book is especially helpful in season one and again in season five.

(64 pages)

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