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The Lifestyle of Learning™ mission is to help parents
learn how to “combine principles of growth
with principles of learning for a whole-life education”

These materials are a great place to start if you’re just
beginning to homeschool or you’re new to
Lifestyle of Learning™.

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Individual Prices
Wisdom’s Way of Learning, 4-eBook set by Marilyn Howshall
(WWOL set introduces the Lifestyle of Learning™ Approach)

eBook 1. The Science, Art, and Tools of Learning
eBook 2. The Unit-of-Life™ Learning Model
eBook 3. The Life Message™ Learning Model
eBook 4. Seasons—God’s Time-Design

Transformational Education, eBook by Marilyn Howshall

The Two-Pronged Education Myth,
eBook by Marilyn Howshall

My Journey in Search of the Way, by Marilyn Howshall

mp3 audio format, read by author

5-1 hour audio “Lifestyle of Learning Beginnings Interviews” with 5 moms,
by Marilyn Howshall and Barbie Poling; mp3 audio format
5 Transcripts of audio interviews, pdfs

1 Video Testimony by Barbie Poling about her beginnings with self-education,
20 minute mov video format

Set of Notebook Pages (w/instructions to create a personal Lifestyle of
Learning™ 3-ring binder notebook for mom, 33pgs, both color / black & white
— 64 pages total, downloadable pdfs


(to create a personal Lifestyle of Learning™ study notebook)

Instructional Articles for Reading and Study
My Education ~ Dictionary Definitions
My Education ~ Bible Verses
My Education ~ Notes and Revelations
My Child’s Interests (includes notes pages for writing about each of your child’s interests)
Two-Pronged Education Myth (eArticle)
Transformational Education (eBook)
The Biblical Science, Art, and Tools of Learning, WWOL 1
The Unit-of-Life™ Learning Model, WWOL Book 2
The Life Message™ Learning Model, WWOL Book 3
Seasons—God’s Time-Design WWOL, Book 4
My Journey in Search for the Way (eBook)
Printed Blog Posts from Lifestyle of Learning™ blogs
Audio Notes / Transcripts (interviews & WWQ&As)


  • cover sheet to slip into your own 3-ring binder
  • sheet of labels to put into your own section dividers
  • instruction sheets for each suggested section
  • 5 brief eArticles by Marilyn Howshall

    Practical Activities for Exercising the Learning Tools
    12-Step In-depth Study Guidelines (using the 5 learning tools)
    How I Tackle a New Subject (when reading a book)
    Instructions for Reading Assignments and Self-Evaluation Tool
    Article on Webster’s 1828 Dictionary

Get Started Packet ~ $74.95 
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Get Started Packet without Wisdom's Way of Learning set ~ $54.95 
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