Lifestyle of Learning™ Keep Going! Packet

• Very Practical Content: 8 audios, 8 transcripts, and 3 color binder packets

• Insightful messages that will challenge the way you think about your family's education and spur you on toward academic disciplines based in your children's real lives

• Instruction into how writing is developed in children leading you to focus on the process of your children's writing development. You will learn how to match their writing practice to their real and current need.

• Inspiration for helping your children develop their writing skill using their interests to cause greater depth of learning both in their interest and in their writing skill

• Stories and testimonies from moms that give encouragement, and hope, for continuing your family's lifestyle of learning and overcoming any lingering fears

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Keep Going! Packet

Complete Set Contains:

Wisdom for Writing audio set with transcipts,
3 audios and 3 transcripts
pages for building notebooks—instructions and 3 colors available
Lifestyle of Learning™ Beginnings Interviews audio set with transcripts,
5 audios and 5 transcripts

Wisdom for Writing, 3 audios and 3 transcripts

Loaded with lots of practical wisdom for all aspects of the writing process!

Discussions include the importance of helping your children develop good routine habits of writing practice, and how to combine the need for writing practice with your children's favorite interests. The audios were recorded for the "Interest Blast" Conference Calls and provided free for LOLACHE Members.

Interest Blast—Wisdom for Writing, audio 1—In the context of discussing a few specific children's interests (cars, art, drawing) and how to incorporate them with gaining writing skill, Marilyn explains how to make corrections on written work, and how to lead your children to write and to want to write even when they are reluctant or burned out from past schoolish efforts. Marilyn and her guest, Christi Faagau, talk about the importance of knowing your children deeply and understanding what they know in order to help them increase in their writing skills.

Interest Blast—Wisdom for Writing, audio 2—In the context of discussing a few specific children's interests (LEGOs, jumping and climbing), Marilyn and Barbie provide practical wisdom for many aspects of leading your children to develop their ability to write and good habits of writing. They also provide insight into the different ways children approach the same interests and how their unique approach to an interest influences what they would choose to write about.

Interest Blast—Wisdom for Writing, audio 3—In the context of children's interests in movies, interior decorating, and hand crafts, (which includes knitting, sewing, cooking, baking), Marilyn and Barbie discuss the character required for the writing process, along with ideas and instruction for bringing interests to the table for writing practice. Presented are practical steps to move from the very early stages of writing toward more mature writing processes.

Kids Binder Packet, pages for building notebooks—instructions and 3 colors available

This Binder Packet is designed to help you implement the practical ideas in Develop Lifestyle Routine and Wisdom's Way of Learning book 2—Unit-of-Life Model, and the 5 tools of learning section in Wisdom's Way of Learning book 1—The S.A.T.s of Learning

The Kid’s Binder Packet contains 3 sets of cover pages and tabs for complete notebook binders. These sets are different colors: Purple, Blue, and Colorless. The Binder section cover pages and the parent guide to the pages give guidance, suggestion, and inspiration for what sorts of things could be included in your children’s notebooks.

Lifestyle of Learning™ Beginning Interviews, 5 audios and 5 transcripts

Each of the five Audio Interviews tells the story of God’s faithfulness to change a mom’s heart when she’s willing to take a serious look at how she’s been treating her precious ones. These moms know God's unfailing love that empowers them to live for Him! We give glory to God for His works of redeeming grace! The Lord continues to work in each of these dear families, and we hope to share updates with you sometime in the future.

Interview 1, Barbie Poling ~ Summer 2011 ~ Barbie and her husband, Tim, have five precious children ages 12 through 19, and have homeschooled from the beginning. In the interview with Marilyn, Barbie shares her beginning understanding of the Lifestyle of Learning™ message when she first read Wisdom's Way of Learning and how excited she and her kids were to be released into their real learning processes. She then tells of the wonderful work of God to bring reconciliation in her family relationships that increased her understanding of what Lifestyle of Learning™ had to offer toward a whole-life education.


Interview 2, Michelle Gephart ~ Summer 2011 ~ Michelle and her husband, John, have been homeschooling for only a year, having pulled their two dear children (ages 11 and 8) out of public school at the end of the 2009-2010 school year. The Gepharts participate locally with other couples in a year-long Lifestyle of Learning™ program, Seven Seasons to LYFE. In the interview with Marilyn, Michelle tells about her academic approach when starting homeschooling, and how she changed her approach when she came to realize that the moral culture of her home needed some major attention. Michelle shares how deeply God had been working in her heart to change the ways she related with her children, and the amazing responses from her 11-year-old son who had been in rebellion. The good Lord continues to work miracles while deepening the reconciliation process in her whole family. If you've recently pulled your children out of school, you won't want to miss this story of regaining loving authority.


Interview 3, Nancy Lama ~ Summer 2011 ~ Nancy and her husband, Mike, have six precious children ages 14-31. Nancy's family has been pursuing their own unique lifestyle of learning almost from the beginning with some traditional mixed in. When Marilyn first met the Lamas in the late ‘90s she witnessed many full expressions of Lifestyle of Learning™ principles at work in their family, but she noted that something very important was missing. God in His goodness opened Nancy and Mike’s hearts to the Howshall family, and Marilyn began to help them bring needed truths of reconciliation to their family relationships. In the interview with Marilyn, Nancy shares of God’s faithfulness to preserve her family for Him, in spite of her own unfaithfulness, until she could cooperate with Him to restore and bring healing to her relationships with her adult children. The Lama family were given many miracles of God’s love as Mike and Nancy learned how to change the way they parented, leading to a more whole-life education for their family. You won’t want to miss Nancy’s telling of their story!


Interview 4, Christi Fagaau ~ Summer 2011 ~ Christi and her husband, Dave, have six precious children ages 1-11, and she’s carrying their seventh! The Fagaaus participate locally with other couples in a year-long Lifestyle of Learning™ program, Seven Seasons to LYFE,. You may be familiar with Christi from the popular blogs she’s been writing for Lifestyle of Learning™ Ministries. In the interview with Marilyn, Christi tells how she checked into Lifestyle of Learning™ about four or five years ago for her oldest child who has special needs. She came to learn that all of her children have special needs (as does every child). She freely admits to being once a homeschooling mom who had to have it all figured out on the intellectual level, but allowed God to change her at the heart-level to become a mom who lovingly trains and disciples her children while receiving guidance from the Lord. You won't want to miss hearing about the work of transformation God has been performing in her life!


Interview 5, Nancy Blanchard ~ Summer 2011 ~ Nancy and her husband, Dan, have four precious children ages 9-17. The Blanchards participate locally with other couples in a year-long Lifestyle of Learning™ program, Seven Seasons to LYFE. In the interview with Marilyn, Nancy tells about her ups and downs with Lifestyle of Learning™ since checking into it about six years ago. She shares how she initially attempted to implement Lifestyle of Learning™ ideas without the direction of the Holy Spirit, and spent a season floundering as a result until she came to understand what was needed, which resulted in her winning back the hearts of her older daughters. A softening came to Nancy’s personality as she learned to repent, reminding Marilyn of the story of the Velveteen Rabbit. Love made her real, and her family notices, and those who see her on a weekly basis do, too.

Lifestyle of Learning™
Keep Going! Packet

Great Value!! only $64.00

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