Transformational Education

Marilyn Howshall


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Transformational Education

Are you aware that, under God, you are responsible for the formation of your child’s whole person? Are you thinking clearly about what kind of people you want your children to be when they grow up? Are the methods you are using to educate them going to produce this kind of person? Are you sure?

In this book, Marilyn Howshall shows parents how to break free from a shallow approach to education that omits its most essential component: the formation of a child’s character. A true education transforms us at the heart level, shaping who we are and how we relate to others. Marilyn challenges parents to acquire this kind of education for themselves so they can pass on to their children, not superficial and irrelevant to the child information, but a living power for growth. She shows how a strong foundation of character (defined as the sum of relational practices) enables children to confidently take responsibility for their own learning process and become richly-developed individuals who are able to make a real difference in their homes and communities.

This life-changing message is presented through the avenue of personal testimony and practical examples, showing how the author discovered the relational nature of both education and discipleship, and that when the processes of both are combined in a unified, relational effort, an empowering education is the result.

This book will both encourage you that it is never too late to begin pursuing your own transformational education, and convince you that it is the only way to become able to give your children the education they actually need for life.

SUGGESTIONS FOR IMPLEMENTING A LIFESTYLE OF LEARNING—For a parent just beginning to implement Lifestyle of Learning principles at home, Marilyn provides wisdom through a structure of seven seasons for how to begin making needed changes in your family's education. Reading this book is especially helpful in season one.

(37 pages)

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“I love this book and how Marilyn shows that an education is not just academic, but it combines scholarship and relationship to develop a whole education and a discipled life."

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